RNF receives U.K. grant to train Myanmar journalists

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imgresRNF has received a highly competitive one‐year grant from the U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Human Rights and Democracy Programme to promote responsible media coverage of religious freedom and conflict in Myanmar.

This project with local partners will train editors, journalists and bloggers how to responsibly and accurately cover these topics, with the aim being to promote and to protect freedom of religion or belief and freedom of expression.

In November 2014, strategically selected media professionals from across Burma will come together for reporting seminars and workshops where they will identify and discuss the social, political and economic “red lines” they face reporting on religious freedom and conflict in their local and national communities. These diverse editors, journalists and bloggers will work with experienced national and international media trainers and religion reporting experts to determine effective ways to overcome or circumvent religion-based barriers to their work. International experts will share techniques to improve accuracy, nuance and fairness in reporting on religion, helping reporters to expose human rights violations and improve government transparency and accountability around the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities in their country.

Long term, we expect this collaborative in-country capacity building workshop and new international training materials to improve the quality of media coverage related to religious freedom and diversity. We also expect better reporting to reduce intercommunal and interreligious tensions and acts of violence within Burma.

Visit our series page to read some of the trainee’s final stories on religious freedom and conflict in Myanmar. 

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