RNF Board of Directors

A board of directors governs Religion News Foundation. Voting members of Religion News Association elect up to 60 percent of RNA board members from among RNA members. Board members may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms, and officers are elected for one-year terms. The RNA board appoints at least 60 percent of the Foundation board. The Religion News Service managing board is a corporate board that oversees the business management, development and editorial direction of RNS.

Elaine Justice
Board President
Atlanta, Georgia
Jaweed Kaleem
Board Vice President
Los Angeles, California
Ken Chitwood
Board Treasurer
Gainesville, Florida
Nicole Gupte
Board Member
Seattle, Washington
Tom Levinson
Board Member
Chicago, Illinois
Monique Parsons
Board Member
Chicago, Illinois
Manya Pashman
Board Member
Chicago, Illinois
Jerry Pattengale
Board Member
Indianapolis, Indiana
Bob Smietana
Board Member
Nashville, Tennessee
Peter Smith
Board Member
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
John Terrill
Board Member
Madison, Wisconsin


Visit the Religion News Service website to see their separate board.